Aircraft Sales & APPRAISALS

Enabling aircraft sales with
transparency & confidence

MK Aero Support has been successfully buying, selling, brokering and appraising general aviation aircraft since the company was established back in 1987, using our technical understanding and aviation experience to ensure the sales experience is smooth and trouble-free.  By combining aircraft information, market data, suitability analysis and strong industry relationships, we enable a successful acquisition for existing and potential owners

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment when buying an aircraft and overlook problems that may present significant costs for you as the new aircraft owner in the future. As part of our sales process, we offer the option to complete a pre-purchase inspection to identify any issues that may not be seen by customers, helping to ensure both parties are happy with the aircraft condition prior to exchanging hands. 

For those starting out in aircraft ownership, we also have a number of various aircraft types available, from either our home-base in Essex or from local airfields, to fly before deciding which would suit your requirements the most.

Current aircraft inventory


Have an aircraft to sell?

From a straight-forward sale to a short/long-term lease, perhaps an exchange or even cost-shares, there are a number of options available for aircraft owners to consider.

With years of experience in handling all varieties of aircraft ownership, and with a number of self-owned aircraft, MK Aeros are able to provide first-hand knowledge and experience around what might suit your requirements, and will work with you to identify the most suitable opportunity , providing marketing support and a network of buyers.