Aircraft Parts

Parts Purchase & Repair Management

Professionally maintained aircraft are in high demand. Services and repairs are often needed on short notice, and every day on the ground means less revenue and income. If parts are not available when needed, this can create real problems for those who depend on them. 

From a single bolt to a complete engine, MK Aero have access to a vast inventory of new and used aircraft parts, engines and avionic systems along with a global network to source assets for anything that flies. This, along with our current stock, enables the team to find parts for repairs or overhauls in a timely manner, often reducing costs and downtime.

Priority Parts program

As aircraft and engine components wear down, the parent assembly often has to be detached and replaced with new components to return the equipment to service. New parts can be expensive and have long delivery times from various locations around the world that can often cause frustration for aircraft owners.

For corporate customers, MK Aero works with national and international venders to offer our Priority Parts Program – To source the right part with fast delivery. With a competitive cost, this service provided additional value for those who prioritise turnaround times.

And all without additional contracts – Please contact the team to find out more.

Whether used for AOG or scheduled maintenance, we guarantee that we will deliver the parts you need from our vast inventory or locate the parts you need faster and for less than any other major distributor!


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